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What is it actually like to work here? We asked some of our staff...

The Interviews

We requested volunteers to be interviewed for this website and were overwhelmed with the response. So we invited people from different backgrounds and in a variety of job roles so that you might find a close match and read what they have to say to about what it is like to really work here. The interviews were recorded, and then transcribed and approved by those participating. So you can trust that these are actually their own words – and not those of the marketing department.

Agusti's Story

Database Engineer (DBA)

An interview with Agusti Luesma

How long have you been working at NTT MS?

I have been working here for nine years, with a break in the middle for a year to take time off to study. I started my career as a junior engineer and came back to the company with a new qualification into a new role.

What were you doing before?

Before this I was working part time on Linux, but this is actually my first full time job.

Tell me about your role – what you do?

I have progressed to now being a T3 Senior database administrator. I work on supporting and tuning the Oracle databases in our major clients like Decathlon. I also do Oracle installations. I like it that I get to work on complex projects that challenge me.

What does a typical day look like?

When I come in, the first thing I do is to check for incidents in the logs which need urgent attention. I then look at any support tickets that have been allocated to me. I also work on new projects, but the incidents take priority. At the weekly team meeting we share the incidents and how we actually resolved them to help each other learn from our own experiences. With five people we are one of the smaller teams, but are looking to recruit more people, because we are busy!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I actually like working under pressure and the fact that I am able to talk to the people in my team about any challenges and share experiences. Also the other teams are on the same floor, so I can walk over and talk to a storage expert, for instance and get help that way. We all work together very well.

What is the best thing about working at NTT MS?

Three things: colleagues, atmosphere and career opportunity.

I think what is best for me is the experience of working with my colleagues – who are now my friends. In fact we are going on holiday together some of us (laughing)! Also the possibility to improve yourself is very real here and get promoted. I started as a Tier 1 and now I am Tier 3. It is like a university if you enjoy a challenge.

Do you want to comment on the University training program and how it helps you?

Actually, I completed an AWS course that taught me how to install and configure servers and backups in AWS, so that I can install Oracle DB in AWS platforms. The University training portal also has useful links to example tests to pass official certifications of Oracle.

Julio's Story

Solutions Engineer

An interview with Julio Prado

How long have you been working at NTT MS?

I joined the company in April 2016, so I have been here one year and three months.

What were you doing before?

I was working at a Microsoft support company, they are quite small in comparison and handle a total of about 100 systems. I came to NTT because the prospects are better for promotion and working on more interesting projects and global customers. I am happy with the decision.

Tell me about your role – what you do?

I am a tier one solutions engineer. At first I was working in the core team and looking after one of our major customers. Recently I have moved to team two and we support the Linux servers and infrastructure in a number of different large customers. My role is to make sure that everything is working as it should, such as the applications on the servers and monitoring for incidents. We also build and deploy new servers for customers, so it’s not just support. I love it!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I can learn a lot here. I enjoy working with computers and technology and I have already learned a lot. Hopefully my stay here will be a long one. Also some of my friends work here, so I enjoy the work atmosphere.

What is the best thing about working at NTT MS?

As I mentioned. In Tier one support you are constantly learning here and being challenged and this will help you in the future with your skills. It’s a great opportunity for us to develop. I introduced one of my friends already and he is now working in the Operations Center team. I used the company referral scheme to introduce him. NTT is a big company that is well known in the IT market, so it will be recognised by other IT companies on your CV.

Do you want to comment on the University training program and how it helps you?

Yes, I am currently studying Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the University training portal. I have also taken some Linux professional courses and certifications. I find the University training portal very useful to keep current with new technology and keep my certifications up to date.

Rosa's Story

Finance Manager

An interview with Rosa Mestres

How long have you been working at NTT MS?

I joined the company in 2013 and have been here almost 7 years now. When I started, we were only 76 employees in total, now we are over 200! Many things have changed since then, it’s a very dynamic company (and group).

What were you doing before?

I have worked in a number of financial roles. I started my career in finance as a financial auditor at PWC, that was 16 years ago! Actually, their office is just across the road from here. I also spent some time working for a hotel construction company and a health insurance company which was exactly the opposite of working here as there were downsizing. I am very happy to be here.

Tell me about your role – what you do?

I am the finance manager and run a team of six people. My team looks after procurement, accounting, billing, taxation and management reporting – basically all the day-to-day financial aspects of the company. We are never bored, there is always a lot going on!

What does a typical day look like?

In the morning, the first thing I generally do is to clear up everything that is Tokyo related because of the time difference. Then the rest of the day depends on where we are in the month/quarter/year, and what deadlines we have to comply with (internal and external audits, tax filing, payroll and financial reporting is the main points in my calendar. I’m always rearranging short term schedule to re-align priorities and make sure we make all the deadlines.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Well, I am never bored! 50% of my day is carefully planned and routine, but 50% is very dynamic with new projects coming along. One of the greatest projects we have for the next few months is CAPSiDE’s integration: reviewing all the financials of this new company recently acquired by the Group and aligning the finances to be able to work together as one company/one team.

What is the best thing about working at NTT MS?

The best thing about working here is the people, and it’s what makes this place great. There is a positive attitude to challenge and we are a very international company. You can walk into the kitchen here and meet people from all sorts of different cultures and this is something that I like. Also, the structure is very flat and the senior management always has their door open to you. In my past, this was never available due to formalities. In the beginning, this shocked me a lot (positively), but the fact that anyone can walk right in and ask the CEO a question is amazing. But basically, it’s the people, the challenges and the culture that I like most about working here.

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